Christ Church, Warwick

The Church of Scotland in Bermuda - Founded in 1719 




The Congregational Board is tasked with looking after the body of the Church itself and ensuring that it continues to be in good health for the use of future generations.

In particular:

  • Care and maintenance of all land, property, buildings and contents owned by the congregation, including gardening, painting, repairs, replacement and new building projects
  • Rental of the Church halls
  • Cleaning of the Church building, halls and the Manse
  • Fundraising and encouraging participation in Church life


To handle all these functions, the Board has several sub-committees. They are:

  • Finance, which is convened by Peter Watson and oversees the financial matters of the Church
  • Fabric, which is co-convened by Geoff Parker for the Manse and Chet Williams for the Church and Halls and looks after the physical repair and renovations of the buildings


List of Members:

Congregational Board Convener    
Duncan Dawson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 238-3648
Ann Spencer-Arscott    
Anna Summers    
Arthur Wightman    
Bruce Sinclair    
Carl Soares    
Chet Williams    
David Cartmil    
Doug Frith    
Ed Stovel    
Geoff Parker    
Guy Kelly    
Ian Hunter    
Jasmine Garstang    
Jeremy Parfit    
John Ferris    
Jonathan Brewin    
Liz Hector    
Liz Parker    
Roger Oldfield    
Stephen Kempe    


For inquiries regarding renting a room, please contact the Church office. For inquiries about the annual Church Fair, a fundraising event held towards the end of each calendar year, please contact the Congregational Board Convener.