Christ Church, Warwick

The Church of Scotland in Bermuda - Founded in 1719 




The life of the Church has been gathered into six Ministries, Outreach (--> link to “Outreach” page), Worship and Communications (--> link to “Worship and Communications” page), Nurture (--> link to “Nurture” page), Fellowship (--> link to “Fellowship” page), Care (--> link to “Care” page) and the Congregational Board (--> link to “Congregational Board” page). Each reports to the Kirk Session (--> link to “Kirk Session” page). Each Ministry has a fair degree of autonomy and can initiate and run projects independently or alongside other Ministries.


Learn more about (--> link to “About Us” page) Christ Church or review our staff (--> link to “Staff” page), upcoming events (--> link to “Upcoming Events” page) or history (--> link to “Church History” page). Contact (--> link to “Contact Us” page) our Reverend or Church Administrator for more information.