Christ Church, Warwick

The Church of Scotland in Bermuda - Founded in 1719 




The Sacraments

In the Kirk we recognize two sacraments: baptism and the Lord's Supper, or Holy Communion (the Eucharist). These are understood as signs of God's goodness to His people, strengthening their faith and helping to make them feel part of the Christian community. Sacraments are occasionally described as "seals," fastening God's people to Him and to each other.
Baptism is typically administered to infants, but adults not baptized in infancy are baptized as part of a profession of faith in the service of confirmation. Children receive this sacrament in the hope that, guided by the Holy Spirit, they will come to make their own profession of faith.
The Church of Scotland welcomes all believing Christians to join us in our celebration of Holy Communion.

Our Ecumenical Witness

While the Reformed tradition gives us our distinctive characteristics, these are less fundamentally important to us than the belief in the liberating, saving power of the Holy Spirit as revealed in God's Son, Jesus Christ. This we share with all other Christian churches. The Kirk is committed to taking steps towards the bringing together of all of God's people and is in partnership with over 300 churches worldwide. In Bermuda, we play a full part in the ecumenical movement through our membership in the Warwick Alliance of Churches. In the international sphere the Church of Scotland plays an important part in the World Alliance of Reformed Churches and the World Council of Churches.

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